Karesuenjeru, ☆ Try using one month 
The first impression is 
Is that now more than ever take the opportunity to communicate with my children and healing. 

Can wash and shampoo in the bath, a very 
It was a series of work so far. 

Karesuenjeru been to use, and that, unlike 

While healing the child time to heal myself 

Changed and so on. 

Favorite, but I thought it was shampoo. 

In the past even when sim with results shampoo your hair looks like a silky 結Wakeru gently stroked her hair became so moist and silky hair with abundant curiosity was entangled, 

Even touch the hair, also fell in love sim with my own results. 

The child's hair washing is troublesome because it is soft and gentle bubbles and fluffy anymore. 
I feel that the kanji I wash myself. 

Narimashi can often stick to the hair from his head and forehead sweating Innovation solid or even better as you wind your hair and silky hair in Innovation Fuwah Gowatsui was still a little child under 10 months or. 

Above all, the hair is different from using Tsuyameki. 
☆ The rings are so cute they made both of them ^ ^ ☆ Angel 

In the market price is somewhat high, but maybe a little bit of oil itself Karesuenjeru now feeling that I want to use liquid natural ingredients. 
And I want to use. 

I thought so. 

And would like to present a child born to a Friend 
NO1 now. 

Not identical with a little now, I think that is how I want to try creams and lotions. 

In summer they take so many scenes in the nursery right away in anticipation of the pool 

Now, especially autumn and winter, I thought how I want to try using the skin thoroughly. 


Today , thanks to my husband taking out the kids out. 
Little, we were able to concentrate on work. 
Some also 買Imono 買Imono you get me then your not even marmalade. 
(Yes, my daughter is chosen) 

Night pan out I did not eat and I also put the marmalade 

Very good ☆ ☆ ☆ 

The name of this marmalade Where You? 
☆ ☆ ☆ it says there is marmalade crunch

This morning I had a high fever for the children to nursery school and work holidays. There are more than eight times in the morning, her body was like a fire. 

It leads to a fight with my husband last night, we made things get together, thanks to his troubles, but was missing the morning with very little strength in your shoulders. It was not ever fight about, but a little upset things, including children, is not that, once recovered attention, I felt the sensation of my heart began to tour. 

Somehow a cup of coffee, baked bread, you've been stored in the freezer, homemade blueberry jam 解Kashimashita. 

The kids were so early, milk, give milk, respectively, margarine and baked bread, and put on the table painted homemade blueberry jam and then decompressed 

My daughter had me waiting on me to eat with pleasure. 
I usually eat too much bread accompanied two broken 
Dyed purple while opening jam ... 

Homemade Jam

Papa was asleep at the mouth, put one grain of blueberries, "You good?" Bosotto and whisper, "good" and 

Coffee bread and jam me awake 

Children as well, even my husband 
Handmade things, and I want to eat a lot.

 Blueberry jam 

Blueberry jam

Blueberry jam

Price: 945 yen (tax included, and each carriage)

Blueberry jam is also recommended for adult children of course. 

Why are the components of the blueberry. 

Blueberries, many people may already know 

I look very good. 

♪ We introduce such a blueberry jam served with a homemade recipe
  1. The homemade blueberry jam recipe ♪ ♪ (★ Come and grandparents children)
    Blueberry jam easy way to homemade (recipes) are less 

    Getting ready is the frozen blueberries. Sugar. Flavor essences and liqueurs.Pan. Storage containers. - Use a bag of frozen blueberries. 
    (It is very reasonable and Costco Wholesale stores Hana Masa, ☆ you can get cheaper)

  2. Frozen blueberries into jam pan. 
    Put the sugar and us. (Qs) 
    Please not in the house who bought (^ ー ^)

  3. If you want to smell 
    Vanilla and orange liqueur cheon Innovation shake off please.

  4. Gutsugutsu and simmer for a while. (Please boiled down his decision in time) 
    I was cool as it turned out to taste sweet. Also helps cool down the pan with cold towel and lay down the pan. Cooled blueberry jam made ​​rise is 

  5. You can save the bottle, it is safe to eat frozen to save time to eat Problems can eat eat eat it becomes to extract 
    Even children, ♪ I can do without watching a homemade pot, so some time

♪ I like a better idea over the timer, make sure you are calling the fire 

Easy, homemade blueberry jam was 

Yesterday, holding the child down, put the child on the back of the bike and headed to the part of the afternoon. 
It was Sunday, they, too full of people and cars were waiting to turn green in the crosswalk signal. 

Walking the road before suddenly crossing, still 3 - to 4 years old, I arrived at his mother's eyes as much as a young boy 連Reta on my daughter. 
On holiday, out to the kids and a great, and I've been working hard and feeling - and others think, was watching. 

In time, the signal changed to green, I bike across the crosswalk, just straight, I went to the road beside the track and rowing. 

Then passed right behind "Oitsu! Teme kids I work with what's there - I Tsu!  " 

Angry female voice echoed Buchigire 

(Oh, it's just mom) 

Moment in the sight of peeled somehow pretend to guess, I saw a mother bawl at that car. 

Maybe the car trying to turn left, immediately past the mother to launch out and I wonder, blind spot, the son was there I was walking hand in hand, and I wonder who had been nearly run over. 

From the driver's seat may not know just look at the position 

Maybe I should cross to the mother holding 

Some children can walk. 
Cross the zebra crossing. 

Were, people are using the large convenient car, pay close attention, I thought I should. 


Well no. 


Well no. 

What a car is dangerous. 
If you get on the car, there is no need to say sometimes dangerous enough room for two people disagree. 

You've even forgotten the wrong manner or at least the car so you can see the lead to neglect. But 

That mom was the mother of a child in danger is to do Oh, it had to appeal to the barking mad but not really correct, for children, and justice and love are muffled I thought. 

I have enough, to anyone other than their own, distinct, strong, say an extra man because 

I can not protect children, is not it terrible to such a 

Season and were not come. 

Good or what is right or I do not know 

It can not be me trying to look like any other young mom, was really impressed.I also, that element, otherwise I'll have to 

While rowing a bike anyway, I was reminded of the tears. .

Where I live, the mountain ... 

Shopping in quite a work, the housewife and mother, yet this morning, there is no pre-called useless'll Rice (^ ^; 

Then ding-dong! 
Home chimes ringing, something home delivery ! 

For example anything from anyone to arrive? Neat idea with Kadzu from somewhere and try out my husband vegetables were asking like 

Onion , carrot sweet potato arrived in the set. Tsukiji fish market and this from me? 

In fact recently, my husband affiliate taught my husband and I are building your own affiliate every day. 

But actually, than the number sold, your ad will look like you feel there are more number of buy ('`; 

I have to laugh 旦那Rashiku ww 

Set COD in 3000 was in much. 

In this morning butter potatoes for the. 

Butter, potatoes, my sister who is not like I want too. 
Her younger sister, then eat the orange first, slowly ate butter and potatoes ^ ^) nice 

Recent work driving so it was a house where mom forgets ☆ senses, feelings that can enrich your life and live happily in that they will be happier still his mother. 

The children are really appreciated. 

And I am an adult immature adult Well, I'll go get used to the real world gradually, say those in the front of the idea easy to evaluate the response to it, and information while covered in, or temporary panic A Ando because I earn a stable living as a daily 

Children's position at all times, and of them, watching angrily waited a day to reflect Ri However, many more. 

Since I became gradually Sagure my reflection and my photos (lol my son forever, even for the camera Nikoniko I would like to grow up thinking that I want you to laugh. 

For me, ideal to really important is 

In order to achieve it Tsutomu Tsutomu requires hard work and 

Such rivalry is, very important to me, 
Ideal of all natural and pure next meet me in person and fluttered cheerfully as always working hard to return the child to 

Grandma earnestly enjoying every day and hope it becomes (^ ^: 

It would also unfortunate tendency to talk at length. 

2-year-old daughter and under, I would like to fill out our full involvement.

Chicken taste good to do in Kentucky? 

 Christmas in his store sold out is a super busy timesmay be seen. (^ ^) Kentucky is delivered to the Na I always thought he was good出来Tara. 
Optimism seems to be it I? 

They ate Kentucky ー (* '∇ `*) 

Today is really hot ... hey 
From today until the day before yesterday, I suddenly tan  Uu "... w 

Actually about two months ago, A friend invited me to a certain in life began to work. 
Swollen to overflowing by bicycle to move around while baking in the heat throughout the body ... In his apology Hakanari NG is ('-д-; `) 

But, once the norm there, we've come in the morning and one reviews 
Reaction was subtle, but also a person who insured ww U 

Among the King "insurance" in the industry but I'm dealing with insurance forms of brand new, and insurance is very good for it, the insurance would have been paid at once the most part, the month for the surviving family members Audiences can pay you over several years to divide, at the same time, I'm positive we can do collectively receive millions of teens and is devoted to his funeral 

And along with life insurance written on insurance and medical care and insurance, etc., that you've been sick and bedridden in an accident or worse match any chance I can basically put it together . 

In addition, besides, Nowak appendix Fri sympathy or even a fracture or dislocation at the risk and expense, and support for lifestyle diseases (option. (^;)) Properly authorized'm there. 

Anyway, I appeal for the king of this insurance, you 経Te year, called me to the point I'm able to be reviewed. 
The new insurance product to come out more and more each time, "to stop insurance now, you better not change for the better came out of?" I know it probably was a little Ukotoga I say, if the king insurance , the latest set "insurance" it is possible to be prepared as. And also time and price, when reviewing, I can match the convenience and I hope at that time. 

The really flexible, so I think insurance is able to meet the needs of the constantly-changing time and environment. 
In addition to the savings can be (laughs) 
Yo I think maybe really great insurance. 

I perfectly understand that people are yet, however, less I think I on existing policyholders,? 
Well, there is a problem Yone. 

By the way, the story changed, tomorrow ★ ☆ new start date of another work 
♪ ♪ fun but also exciting 
But the strength (*_*;) 

After that again, really thick arms ~ wwwww 
I wonder if holding a child from a (;_;) 
&, I envy the person who has a feminine limbs (;,;) 

I mean I is not your child's fever down, halfway through the job and went to pick up. 
Summer cold, but I wonder how you doing good? ? ... 

Anyway, cheers for good work today m (_ _) m 
A little longer than usual to stay together with their daughter thanks to two fever your child is below 
Thanks also pleasing to see many views I had two people laughing there yet playful 

Heat your Iine go down. 
I'd look good dream 
Me too - I assume it