Children are born to "be helpful" is said to be born with a desire to come. 

Proof of that cry at night for children's bad, "you come born, I had it so good. that you were born is for them, so it's a delight" 

When I told so many times, attaches to sleep crying stopped abruptly. 

The kids immediately get the feeling of his mother. So, looks gorgeous , and looks at the rough treatment her mother when the child keep up with the restless, the child can see that the mothers do not have any doubt. Can understand each other, and fell with changes to the. 

But also many places. 

The house in the house, the use of each facility differences Masu. 

Have a sense that each is also different for each character and values. 

Just because a family is, habits and the same or rather, not like that at all, yet born to their different characteristics, has a sensibility. 

But then born, with a desire to help children 

Work to play 

And help out, I'll let you can not. Can prevent it, life worth is equivalent to create an opportunity to lose. 

Child, nothing can appear to be at first glance, life needed to everyday life , and caring family members, and communication and physical contact , if any, and their nature, their social role as well awareness and act as, in modern times has been said. 

This morning, the rest of the evening soup hot water diluted 

Risotto I made. 

If the pot with two cups of rice wash 

Scorching and stir to make. 

Cha does not need very little effort it can be easy !(^^)! 

Risotto is delicious and you have to do too much with soft tips . 

Diet Tips ★ difference just to know 

Carbohydrate before taking a vegetable juice drink ◎. 

The translation, in order to promote digestion 

Noodles and pasta, even when the 

Eating just before drinking vegetable juice, 

Always know that there is no effect from the next day. 

However, vegetable juice calories are so high, 

Diluted with water, juice, hot and still good. 
Also for the warm belly drinks are ◎130398f2

Now eat something sweet after a meal. 
a62fbce7.jpgSomething sweet to eat a meal, the little evidence there is peace of mind? 

Or evidence that feels loose? (^_^;) 

Brain type , Star type brain is walnut ◎ 

I bought a bag of walnuts, I thought to use for cooking. 

Today, crushed walnuts and bread topped with 

Sugar sprinkled toast to. 

I really tried to make French toast 

The refrigerator did not have milk and eggs (^_^;) 

W Do not forget me! 

Sense of not using butter pie is not so 

Kuiniaman like the aroma (* ^ o ^ *) 

It's too little burned the effectiveness (^_^;) σ

Lunch, easily made ​​and hayashi rice. 
Refrigerator vegetable warehouse wasvegetables that 
Cabbage - Cabbage - Cucumber in garland chrysanthemum, 
Salad with cucumbers, so bring some things together like feel. 
What you're riding a white flaky, 
Cottage cheese is. 
Katte - Jichizu is known for low-fat cheese and cheese most. 
Children love to cook soup system. 
You will eat plenty of vegetables soup. 
But the curry like soup, the source system does not like too much mortar Innovation. Talking soup etc. So now 少Na目 hayashi. 
Smart Contact an adult you are eating a sufficient quantity. 
I bought a cheap cooking wine in a deep source and ketchup brewed for the source of what an appropriate amount of hayashi. 
Onions and meat are stir-fried with vegetables, including bouillon soup is warmed by the time to put some ingredients put together with alcohol the flyfinished feeling that food is not short for me is stressful and busy. 
Ideally, good pace so that Naka Naka expect to have it dismissed the Ikimasen hayashi, the taste was well received ☆bde20258.jpg

Among the good buys chicken breast (^ O ^) / cheap and healthy way this dish, σ I was going to buy Sujizuzu distributed in Kentucky (^ O ^ *) right ham and cabbage steamed with hot water. I soak the cabbage taste of ham, like children's menu with tasty ★ gloom. Was left to the source curry saute remaining chicken breast. So easy to burn the oil, soft rice, soy milk pumpkin soup with a set of commercially available (= '∀ `) v 

Made when the child stopped at a bookstore on the go, a book Flip and Mekurimashita. 
I picked up my book, just a small book. 
"Born before storage" or 

While in the sky mom that much to see that the child was riding the word came down from there and Huhn said they were talking and clouds. 

I picked up in the book "was chosen to parent the child," There is something that has been written. 

I found the phrase to somehow relieved when nicely and very little thought. 

(And I know me) I thought. 

Choose me as a parent my children, I'm very happy. 
Today, help me wash up at home. 
Well then good at the hand movements of a dish wipe, care of lunch and was eating I put a piece of hand made ​​Kekisakure box. 
I was told to put something more, "I make a lunch tomorrow," and I said that Iremember to (a lunch box for lunch today lol. 

Be touched your sister, take back the lunch box lunch box from what I remember when my sister went on an excursion so bad, I had watched carefully.

My sister on the other hand, how soon I will buy my sister as well as attractive in lunch boxes and water Tou  I thought I was.


As follows, 
Mail has requested cooperation. 
He wants to turn it into information to know people. 
Mail has been around from the fire brigade. 
Turn a friend, please copy. 
Circumstances can copy the information ... we are safe enough to provide information and paste. . . 
The wide network thank you m (_ _) m 
Avoid using the phone as much as possible - involves life-☆! ; 
Emergency contacts (119,110) 
I needed to. 
The safety check ... 
Dial 171 Disaster Message Board 
Skype's use! 
☆ epicenter seems people know that the tsunami warning without power go out? 
Being issued a tsunami warning along the Pacific Ocean in each prefecture of Iwate Miyagi Hukushima Tiba now! 
Not far from the sea 
"Please evacuate to higher places from the sea" 
Please tell that many people !!!!!!! 
It seems likely that the waters off the plate too Toukyou plate because people Kanto Earthquake ☆! 
Please provide more earthquakes! 
Advice from the electrical shop ☆! 
If you have a blackout in the earthquake zone is now all the breakers off, please 
Please enter one by one from a small breaker is energized! 
Please get in touch with other electric utilities such as a CD in the fall circuit breakers not impossible! 
防Gimashou a fire due to leakage? 
Aimed at increasing female sexual crimes multiplied disasters ☆ ... 
It is very dangerous, such as public toilets! 
掛Ke合Tsu voice to one woman so as not to absolute! 
☆ stockings take off (wear) 
Extensive damage during burn spans! 
☆ heel will break 
Learn to look for shelter when you keep yourself injury-free 
Call attention to fraud and fake police robbery robbing visits ☆! 
Please put away if you experience a loud voice is the most important life !!!!!!! 
Avoid taking independent action together! 
☆ If you do not have phone battery is charged the charger seems to be open to the BIC! 
☆ If you want a drink vending machine is open for Suntory's free! 
Provide road condition information provided evacuation assistance difficult to toilets and running water in the metropolitan area home disaster ☆  
Curry House CoCo Yoshinoya every convenience store - Royal Host Ichibanya Shakey's Mos Burger 
Sizzler - Denny Yamada Udon 
☆ If you're trapped in the building 
If you have a smartphone 
Please turn on the GPS! 
If you're in with a phone or GPS functionality! 
Increase the probability of their lives. 
Have hope! 
☆ refuge in 
Satoshi Amane economy class syndrome again! 
- "Move your toes and legs often" 
- "Vertical movement of the heel once per hour (20 to 30 times)" 
- "Stretch stretch" 
- "Do not put up with enough hydration water and withhold the toilet." 
- "Do not drink alcohol" 
- "The personal needs attention" 
- "Tighten the belt" 
- "Sleep with your feet" 
List of country a place of refuge 
Disaster au message board 
→ http://bit.ly/euuWSb 
Disaster message board docomo 
→ http://bit.ly/etnjvX 
New mobile e-mail e-mail inquiries (contact center) to let. 
Thank you.





(私を知っているんだな) と思ったんです。